Luis Andrés Edo Papers

Biographical / Historical Note

Born in Caspe, Aragón, Spain 1925, died in Barcelona 2009; Spanish anarchist, anarcho-syndicalist and historian of the anarcho-syndicalist movement in Spain; moved early to Barcelona and educated at the Escola Nova Unificada; started working in the Barcelona workshop of the RENFE, the Spanish railways, and came in contact with CNT organized railroad workers 1939; refused military service and jailed 1947, escaped to France but arrested after clandestine return to Spain 1948; after the re-unification congress of 1961 became part of the CNT’s ‘Defensa Interior’, intended to fight against the Franco regime; arrested in Madrid 1966 and imprisoned for years with only a short interruption until the Amnesty of 1976; after the restoration of democracy active in the Regional Committee of the CNT in Catalonia and editor of the CNT newspaper Solidaridad Obrera; author of La Corriente (2002) and La CNT en la encrucijada. Aventuras de un heterodoxo (2006).


Papers donated to the IISH by Doris Ensinger in 2012; with accrual received from Doris Ensinger in 2014.


The papers of Luis Andrés Edo were donated to the IISH in 2012; in 2013 an inventory of these documents was made; a preliminary list made by the donator was very helpful; this preliminary list is present in no. 63; one poster of a CNT meeting in Mitin, region Andalucia, on 8th January 1978 was described separately (IISG BG) as also a sheet of six various CNT stickers (IISG BG).


Correspondence 1969-2009, with Osvaldo Bayer 1993, Débora Céspedes 2003-2008, Liber Forti 1969-2000, Ramón Griño Llusà 1989-1991, José Ignacio Martín-Artajo 1985-1988, Francisco Olaya 1989-1999, José Peirats 1989, Heleno Saña 1989-2002, and others; manuscript ‘El pensamiento antiautoritario’, written in Soria prison 1968 and published under the title La Corriente (2002); manuscript ‘Juez “Anarquista”, instructor del sumario 156/80’, typescript ‘Los secuestros politicos contra las “Corrientes de la ruptura”’ 1981 and a copy of a letter to Maya Picas[s]o 1981, all written in Modelo prison; personal documents 1947-2001; documents from and on his years in prison 1966-2010.

Accrual 2014: correspondence 1978-2006; letters to Andrés Edo and other documents on the issue of model prisons in Spain during the Franco era 1978-2004; manuscripts and typescripts by Andrés Edo 1968-1982; articles by and on Andrés Edo as well as on the CNT in periodicals 1976-2007; scrapbook with photographs and printed e-mails on the occasion of the publication of La CNT en la Encrucijada. Adventures de un heterodoxo by Andrés Edo 2006-2007; a collection of historical photographs of Andrés Edo and his comrades 1958-2007; letters between Juan Garcia Oliver and Stephen John Brademas Jr 1953.

Processing Information

Inventory made by Bouwe Hijma in 2013, accrual 2014 also by Bouwe Hijma in 2015