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search.iisg.amsterdam is a search platform for the collections of the International Institute of Social History (IISH), Netherlands Economic History Archive (NEHA), and Perscollectie (NIBG).
For practical information and answers to FAQs on accessing the collections please see Collections.
The language switch applies to the labels on the website. The language of the data itself does not change.

Additional information

Archives – descriptions and inventories to archival collections of IISH, NEHA and     Perscollectie (NIBG).
For Dutch archives a short description in Dutch is available, for all other archives the short description is in English. An inventory is available for over 1500 archives and can be in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish, depending on the archives country of origin.
The content of over 450 collections is online available through this catalogue.
More information: iisg.amsterdam/en/collections/browsing/archives.

Books and brochures – contains records of all books and brochures in the library of IISH, NEHA, and Perscollectie (NIBG).

Serials – contains descriptions of all newspapers, journals, yearbooks, and annual reports in the collections of IISH, NEHA, and, Perscollectie (NIBG).

Visual Documents – the image collection held by the IISH includes about photos, negatives, and drawings. The Institute has one of the largest collections of posters in the Netherlands as well as several hundred banners. In addition, the collections include a considerable number of films, videos, and buttons. Over 275,000 images are available digitally.
There is a subject index in the thesaurus.
More information: iisg.amsterdam/en/collections/browsing/image-sound.

Music and sound - songs of struggle and protest; historical recordings, in original and published. Speeches party leaders, congresses and meetings, interviews and oral history projects.